La costante attenzione per i dettagli e la ricerca d’innovazione, da sempre caratterizzano la filosofia aziendale. Il gusto Isabelle Blanche è raffinato, femminile e ricercato: una collezione metropolitana, dedicata al giorno, alla sera e al tempo libero. Una donna dinamica, che ama viaggiare e combinare stili diversi mantenendo forte la propria identità. La collezione, vuole rappresentare la “donna”: dai mille volti, dalle mille sfaccettature, dai mille pensieri e dalle mille contraddizioni. Un look trasversale che si adatta perfettamente al volto femminile, alle sue esigenze e alle differenti occasioni dʼuso, per un easy-wear moderno ma sempre elegante.

Constant attention to detail and the pursuit of innovation are the company philosophy's pillars. This thanks to the melting of fashion trends and high quality levels. The continuous research for new harmonies of materials, colors and shapes, allowed the company to open up to more markets, consolidating its positioning. After being mmediately confirmed in Italy, plans for it’s expansion across the European and Chinese markets are already starting next season. Isabelle Blanche was born from a dream: creating a clothing brand on our own with the typical characteristics of the ready-to-wear, aiming to follow the fashion trends with the right balance of quality, price and distribution. The founder spent several years in Paris and has always been in love with its cosmopolitan feel. These feelings become the thread for telling the story of Isabelle Blanche. The brand taste is extremely refined, feminine and sophisticated: a metropolitan collection suitable for daytime, evening, and in the free time. A transversal look that perfectly fits the female face and the female needs, in every situation; a modern easy-wear style, but always elegant.